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I have to release a library as a JAR file which includes modified (shrinked/obfuscated/optimized/package renamed with ProGuard) code from 2 libraries:

  • One using Apache 2.0 license
  • One using BSD-style license

My question is about the META-INF directory: I could not find a definitive answer for what files I must put there (notice, license...) especially in my case since I use several dependencies with several licenses. Then, if I want my part of the code to be Apache 2.0 too, what modifications have to be done in the files from META-INF directory ?

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What you have is a derivative work. So you need to aggregate the licenses/agreements and copyrights. As they all apply.

A pragmatic way to do this is simply include them all LICENSE.txt file - with a clear explanation at the top as to the provenance. E.g. like; code XX is Copyright ZZZ (See Appendix A below for license details), code YY is Copyright PP (See Appendix B for the license) and finally Code QQ is Copyright XX and also under the Apache License listed in Appendix A.

In the end of the day - does not matter too much how you do it (one file, multiple files) - as this is not computer/technical data - but something meant to be parsed, read and interpreted by humans.

But you do everyone a favour by being clear about the provenance; even to the level where you say - "XXX is based on version 1.23 from . The only changes are int he Makefile to have it compile on FreeBSD 12".

Saves people oodles of work later :)


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