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Recently, when adding a new column to a table that was already part of a MySQL database, I made the mistake of not actually changing the character set and collation of this table to utf8, so it inherited latin_swedish_1 (which, by another mistake was the default character set and collation for my db in the first place).

This particular field, was getting data from a text box in the frontend, but the unfortunate situation is that it is designed for people writing in Greek. What this means for the info stored in the database is that I actually only see questionmarks now instead of the text that people inserted (in Greek).

My question is: is the text I have in my database in the wrong format salvageable or lost forever in encoding hell? I tried extracting the data and converting it to another format but to no avail.

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How are you obtaining the question marks? They could be created by your viewer, not by the database. Dig deeper –  Mikhail Nov 3 '11 at 14:26
The questionmarks are viewed in the following ways: 1. Using a MySQL GUI admin like HeidiSQL, 2. through a PHP script which selects and displays all results to my screen, 3. Through the terminal when in mysql mode. –  livathinos Nov 3 '11 at 14:31

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