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The network that I connect to does not allow internet traffic so when I connect to it I can only remote into a machine there, I can't check my emails or go on the web. Is there a way to route my internet traffic to my other network and just use the VPN for connecting to things like my desktop and source control on their network?

I am using Juniper's Network Connect VPN.

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What you can do is create a VM (e.g. by using a VirtualBox). Install Juniper client there, and connect through it to other (work related) hosts.

This way you'd still have full access to anything you want outside of VM/VPN, and to your VPNed hosts.

VirtualBox, as some other virtualization tools, can run in a seamless mode, where you still work within your native desktop, and start applications from within the VirtualBox, as they were native ( e.g. seamless integration of virtual and native apps ).

If you'd like a slightly more complex solution, look at Split Tunneling

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depending on which OS you use there are several ways to achieve Split Tunneling. Here is one example on how to do it on Windows 7 – tolitius Nov 3 '11 at 14:53

Once connected to the VPN, open a command prompt and type:

route add mask <routerip>
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