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Thinking in a similar fashion as JavaSysMon, is there a way to get the % of disk fragmentation on a Windows OS? Or possibly a method to calculate this based on analyzing the file system. And for clarification, I am not speaking in terms of the JVM heap fragmentation, I am referring to the actual disk fragmentation.

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AFAIK there is no way to do this in pure Java. Furthermore, such an API would be necessarily operating system specific, and of no utility to all but a tiny number of programmers. So don't expect Oracle to add such an API any time soon.

Your best bet is to look for some Windows compatible command-line utility that does the job, and use System.exec(...) or similar to run it from your Java application.

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You can use the Java Native Interface, JNI, to make calls to the win32 api, or to a custom wrapper around the win32 api.


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