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I am currently considering to use Soundmanager2 as an audio player for a small project. I like SM2 a lot, but unfortunately I can't find an implementation that provides an inline player with basic controls (play, pause, progress bar, time, volume control).

The only thing I found is the basic player.
Soundmanager 2 - Basic

Does anyone of you know a way to use Soundmanager2 with a classic control interface (like this)?

jPlayer demo

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Not sure it helps but it shouldn't be too hard to port your exemple to SoundManager considering it's already html/css –  Guillaume86 Dec 5 '11 at 12:08

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After some casual research, I found out that Soundmanager 2 is far too powerful and complex for just creating an html5 player. I decided to use jMediaelement instead, a very flexible audio / video development kit with a focus on website players with a classic control interface.

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According to a discussion at Soundmanager's site at

Here's the lowdown:


pagePlayer.playNext() pagePlayer.playPrevious()

Just make the necessary buttons with HTML/CSS. Inside those buttons use the onclick attribute, for example: open tag: a onclick="pagePlayer.playNext()" close tag

Do not use an "href" attribute. That will execute the javascript method when clicked.

Also, people on this site are working with volume for soundmanager2's player. Search "volume change soundmanager." Here's one guys: Strange issue setting volume on my music player (SoundManager)

// set base volume
$('header .volume-slider').each(function() {
  var slider = $('.slider', this);
  var volume ='volume');

  console.log('Initial volume: '+volume);
  $('.slider', this).height(volume/2);

// play / pause track
var sound;
$(document).on('click', '#snippets .tracks li', function() {
  var li = $(this);
  console.log('Creating new sound with volume: '+$('header .volume-slider .slider').data('volume'));

  sound = soundManager.createSound({
    url:'stream')+'?consumer_key=' + 'htuiRd1JP11Ww0X72T1C3g',
    volume: $('header .volume-slider .slider').data('volume')

// change volume
$('header .volume-slider').mouseup(function(e) {
  var pos = e.pageY - $(this).offset().top;
  var slider = $('.slider', this);'volume', (100-(pos*2)));
  var volume ='volume');


  if (sound) {
    console.log('Setting volume: '+volume);

So, does it follow that if you can set nex/prev and make a button for it, could you come up with a volume change and then style a bar for it?

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