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Im trying to setup Wordpress dev environment. We are setting up a Wordpress dev server (linuxmint 11) and users need to see the sites on clients pc and possibly over the internet too. I have installed Xammp and have setup our wp site. I am able to load it in the localhosts' browser as localhost/mysite But when I try on a client pc over the lan, using the servers ip (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/mysite) only the text loads and the pictures fail to load. I can access the the phpmyadmin using the ip of the server in the browser.

Any suggestions?


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That´s why path´s to images use localhost/bla bla... on the ddbb, and once you are trying to whatch it by IP, well, can´t do it.

Take a look on code and you will see what i mean.

Hope it helps.

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You should be able to get your site over lan installing Wordpress as xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/mysite instead of localhost/mysite because urls are hardcoded as MySQL database entries.

At this point you can also:

  1. dump your current database in phpMyAdmin
  2. do a search and replace for localhost/mysite to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/mysite with an editor
  3. reimport your database to phpMyAdmin

Hope it helps

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Yes! perfect thank you so much, it worked! –  justin Nov 4 '11 at 7:59

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