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I am beginner to iPhone application. I am going to develop the app using google map. When user drag in map screen and change the content of map screen, I want to get the coordinate of northeast and southwest in current map screen. After user zoom out/zoom in, user can change the content of map screen. In this case, I must get the coordinate of northeast and southwest. I didn't find the method for this.

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You can do like this (See that question) :

MKMapRect mapRect = self.mapView.visibleMapRect;

MKMapPoint cornerPointNE = MKMapPointMake(mapRect.origin.x + mapRect.size.width, mapRect.origin.y);
CLLocationCoordinate2D cornerCoordinateNE = MKCoordinateForMapPoint(cornerPointNE);

MKMapPoint cornerPointSW = MKMapPointMake(mapRect.origin.x, mapRect.origin.y + mapRect.size.height);
CLLocationCoordinate2D cornerCoordinateSW = MKCoordinateForMapPoint(cornerPointSW);
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