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I'm using the the Adobe ActionScript 3 SDK for Facebook Platform to get all the tagged photos of the current user. Is this possible?

I've tried this:


But that only gets me the photos belonging to that user.

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You will most likely have to use FQL to perform the initial PID search...then batch the pids and request urls. The following FB docs pages have further information:



These requests would be necessairy:

SELECT pid FROM photo_tag WHERE subject=$uid


SELECT src, src_small, src_big FROM photo WHERE pid=$pid

you might be able to combine them into the following...

select src, src_small, src_big from photo where pid in (select pid from photo_tag where uid=me())

The final execution would look something like this:

    "select src, src_small, src_big FROM photo WHERE pid in (select pid FROM photo_tag where uid=me())",

I believe extended permissions are required. Each of the pages above should list permissions reqs for performing these FQL queries.

Best of luck.

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