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Here's the issue I'm having:

if($id!="") return true; else return false;

I know that $id is an empty string, but when I do var_dump($id), I get string(25)""

for some reason, though the string is empty, it still seems to think it's length is 25. I've tried if(!empty($id)) and that also doesn't work.

How can I change the value of the string to be string(0)"" if it really is blank?

I've tried using trim() to remove whitespace, but there isn't any whitespace.

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What if you run it through trim() first? –  eaj Nov 3 '11 at 15:55

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PHP allows for binary strings. The reason it's not showing as empty is because it isn't empty. Your string probably contains \0 characters, or other unprintables or zero-size characters. You could try using trim(), but I can't guarantee that it'll strip strange characters out.

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It could be whitespace which isn't displayed by the browser. Use trim() to remove it:

$id = trim($id);
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I figured out my own problem. When I echoed the string, I got nothing. But when I did a var_dump() on the string I found that there were 25 characters in the string. I did a foreach on the string's characters and var_dump on each character, I found that there was in fact data in the string. The result of the loop was <? echo $some_variable; ?>. PHP was evaluating the expression in the string to result in what looked like a blank string. But in reality, the string was a 25 character expression that evaluated to a blank string. this instance '' != '' More than a little frustrating. –  codescribblr Nov 3 '11 at 21:40

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