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I have a controller that serves as webservice. I want to debug the following method:

public ActionResult CreateVar(string clientId, string signature, string timestamp)

Because it's a controller and not WCF, and also it's a POST and not GET - I cannot invoke it simply.

How can I invoke it for debugging, perhaps through fiddler?

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Use MVC.ApiExplorer. The tool automatically generates test page which lists all your actions of controller. I've used it while I was working with others on an MVC project.

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You can write unit tests for controller methods. See also

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If you simply need to invoke it to test (i.e. you haven't written unit tests to call the method), I would recommend using Fiddler, capturing the POST request, and then replaying the post request whenever needed.

Note: I would also recommend that testing your method with unit tests would be the best. If you need HttpContext, there are several good articles on mocking it.



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First right click on web service project and Debug -> Start new instance and than same thing on your main project

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You can build a simple html three text-boxes for three parameters of the post action. Wrap this in a form tag pointing to your action. Add a button in this form.

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cURL is your friend. This is a little command line tool to GET/POST urls. You can download a win32 version from here.

To debug your application do the following from your command line:

curl -d "clientId=1&signature=s&timestamp=20111103" http://localhost:1479/servicePath

You should have visual studio debugger attached to the web dev server.

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