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Looking for help in connecting the way social media counters count the likes on a base URL and the base URL with file name.

I have three counters (Facebook likes, Plus1 likes, and Tweets) on different story pages on my site. All of these page names are currently index.shtml. Within my coding, I am consistent at referring to these pages as "/programs/mystory/" rather than "/programs/mystory/index.shtml." However, some people manage to make it to the index.shtml addresses anyway. Using the Open Graph meta tags, I can indicate the url to be liked. However, how do I make the count interchangeable between base URL likes and base+index?

Live example:

These two URLs go to the same page:

However, if you view that page from the first URL, you see 543 Facebook Likes, 8 Plus 1 Likes, and 32 Tweets. If you view it from the second URL (complete with file name) you see 0 Facebook Likes, 1 Plus 1 Like, and 0 Tweets. Regardless of the URL, when you look at this page, I want you to see 543 Facebook Likes, 9 Plus 1 Likes, and 32 Tweets.

Can anyone assist? Thanks in advance!

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Always use the longer version of the URL. Be sure to place it in the OG tags, canonical link reference as well as hard-coding the data-href form the plugins.

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