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I want to use hudson to build a maven-java project. Some of my integration tests use servers which are not reachable from the hudson-server. So i want to exclude them using a special profile.



Unfortunatly i am already excluding a group in my general pom.



Using mvn help:effective-pom i found out, that this setting overrides the one from my profile. Is there are way exclude all three test-classes when running in the hudson profile?

I though about putting the failsage-configuration in to every profile i have and removing it from the general pom but that does seem right, as i would need to repeat it for every profile i have.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Solved this by defining a property "testGroupsToSkip", which is set in the main-pom. it is then used as the value for excludedGroups. In my Profile i overwrite the property with the new value.

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