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I am trying to get the "Hello world" droid application to run in the emulator. The applicaiton icon shows in the Apps of the emulator but when I press it it opens but no buttons and no hello world. I am using the code as is from the site. This occurs in both MonoDeveloper and VS 2010 w/ plug-in. Also the same thing happens when I use an associates applicaiton... It just opens and then closes? Any help would be great. I am using VS 2010 professional, windows 7 64bit. Thanks, Charles

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Can you provide the debug log output? docs.xamarin.com/android/advanced_topics/android_debug_log –  Greg Shackles Nov 3 '11 at 16:46

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If it opens and then closes without a screeen display, It may mean that you have a run time error. Check out each line for typo's

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