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I have a 80k+ file that I want to generate a random word from. I want to load this file into an array to generate a random word from. How can I do this. I've already opened the file, and generated a random number to correspond with the array.


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So you've got a random number, and an opened file.... what are you missing? – NickLH Nov 3 '11 at 16:40
Pretty sure he just wants it tokenized. – Polynomial Nov 3 '11 at 16:40
So i need to init an array. but how do I load the fiile into the array? – Ahmad Gaffoor Nov 3 '11 at 16:41

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I guess the file is a dictionary. So, you have to read the file word by word - i.e. line by line if there is a word per line - copy each word in a string array (a char matrix) you preallocated and then you can use each random number as an index to access the string array and pick the "random" word.

size_t bytes = 0
char array[MAX_ROW][MAX_LEN+1] = {0};
file = fopen("filename", "r");
bytes = fread(array, MAX_ROW, MAX_LEN, file);
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to copy strings, have a look to string.h functions – ziu Nov 3 '11 at 16:45
what code should i use to load content of file from pointer *file into string *dictionary? – Ahmad Gaffoor Nov 3 '11 at 16:50
shell> man fread – NitWit Nov 3 '11 at 16:52
With the edit this looks like almost a complete answer :p – NitWit Nov 3 '11 at 17:08
file = fopen('/path/file/', "r");
raed = fread( array, len, size, file);

printf("Look I can make it work, me");
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so raed is the name of the array? – Ahmad Gaffoor Nov 3 '11 at 16:53
Most likely ARRAY is, raed is the number of elements with len length read from file – NitWit Nov 3 '11 at 16:56

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