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I would like to send users who are using a mobile site to my application download page in the App World (Blackberry), Marketplace (android), App Store (iOS). It would find the user_agent and forward them appropriately. Does anyone know where I can find a code like this with all of the user_agents accounted for?

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I've had good luck with this script:


You can pick different classes of devices and direct them elsewhere.

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http://www.handsetdetection.com/ is pretty good at this and has a trial option.

Their API is available here (before you sink any cash).

It's about as simple as hitting their service and going with the flow

if(mobile.true) {
    if(mobile.os == 'android'){ header('Location: market://zeebras...'); }
    if(mobile.os == 'iOS'){ header('Location: iosmarket://zeebras.game...'); }
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