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What I am asking is similar to this issue, which is still unresolved.

I'm trying to create a good submenu solution, but I can't seem to get Zend_View_Helper_Navigation_Menu to work with me.

Here is my XML navigation config:




                            <label>log in</label>
                            <label>log out</label>


And here is the relevant code in my layout:

echo $this->navigation()->menu()->renderMenu(
        'minDepth' => 2, 
        'maxDepth' => 2, 
        'onlyActiveBranch' => true

When I navigate to 'admin', I don't see the submenu. If I change the minDepth to 1 I can see that that menu and its children are 'active' in the source. Why are they not being rendered when the minDepth is set to 2?

I did a workaround for this, but I have to copy/paste it into every controller for it to work (because I need the request object in order to do it):

    $pages = $this->view->navigation()->current()->getPages();
    foreach ($pages as $page) {

the _setChildrenInvisible() function:

private function _setChildrenInvisible(Zend_Navigation_Container $container) {
    foreach ($container as $child) {
        if ($child->hasChildren()) {

Im just trying to get admin's children to render in the submenu. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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In the layout, in the renderMenu method, the renderParents attribute should be set to false

echo $this->navigation()->menu()->renderMenu(
        'minDepth' => 2, 
        'maxDepth' => 2, 
        'onlyActiveBranch' => true, 
        'renderParents' => false
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I know this is an old question but it can still be relevant for some people stumbling across this. In ZF2 it can be done the same as in ZF1 using:

echo $this->navigation()->menu()->renderSubMenu();
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