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I need to replace : with double backslash \\ but the code below is ignoring one slash.

var original_id = $j(element).attr('id'); // e.g. sub:777

var new_id = original_id.split(":");

new_id = new_id.join("\\:");


Instead of displaying sub\\:777, sub\:777 is displayed. The code is ignoring one \ slash.

I would appreciate it if somebody could show me my error.

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You must escape the backslashes:

new_id = new_id.join("\\\\:");

See JavaScript Special Characters for some details.

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\ is used as an escape character in many languages for things like \n for new line. The reason why you see one is because it is escaped by the first \. (otherwise it would be invisible to you). To remedy this, escape two \s like so: "\\\\:"

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