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I found and have used a closure that temporarily turns hibernate.SQL logging to Trace to allow me to see the exact queries that are generated. However I would like to be able to have PostgresQL's explain run automatically instead of having to pull out queries individually for analysis.

logging closure: (found here:

 public static def execute(Closure closure) {
    Logger sqlLogger = Logger.getLogger("org.hibernate.SQL");
    Logger transactionLogger = Logger.getLogger("org.hibernate.transaction");
    Level currentLevel = sqlLogger.level
    Level transLevel = transactionLogger.level
    def result =


def result

I would like something that can be used in a similar way.

Is this something I could do with a sub-class of Criteria or Hibernate.Restrictions ?

Or is there something I'm missing in the docs on how to modify the SQL statement that is sent to the DB from GORM?

Thanks for any info.

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Assuming you don't want all queries, but only the longer-running ones you might find the "auto explain" add-on for PostgreSQL useful.

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Not exactly what I was looking for, but it meets all the real requirements. I've configured auto_explain and am now able to automatically run explain analyze on queries on my local DB. Thanks, – Joel Bushart Nov 4 '11 at 19:42

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