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Let's imagine I have a method: -[myClass getDataForUser:user] and when it is done it calls a delegate's method gotData: and the results appear on my main class. If I do two calls to getDataForUser:, for example:

[myClass getDataForUser:@"user1"];
[myClass getDataForUser:@"user2"];

how can I differentiate between these two calls in the delegate method?


The library is MGTwitterEngine, the two calls I make are -[_engine getDirectMessagesSinceID:1 startingAtPage:1]; and [_engine getSentDirectMessagesSinceID:1 startingAtPage:1]; and the delegate method is directMessagesReceived:forRequest:

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Use an instance of MGTwitterEngine for each call, and give each instance a different delegate object. Inside each of these delegate objects, you can store the user id. Set these delegate objects so they can accept your original class as their delegates. Then you can use delegate gotData:(id)data forUser:(NSString *)user finally. Not pretty, but may work.

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Add an argument to the delegate's method:

[delegate gotData:(id)data forUser:(NSString *)user]

There are other ways, but not nearly as clean and easy

Edit: OK, it's in a library so it can't be changed. However, the delegate does have a for[something] argument, in this case forRequest. So, all you need to do is find a way to associate a request with a username. I suggest putting them in a map, mapping request to user. Or, if you only have the two, you could just make a couple variables request1, request2 and user1, user2 and store the request and user in the appropriate variables, checking for which id goes with which name (in the delegate):

if(thisRequest == request1) {
    thisUser = user1; 
} else {
    thisUser = user2;
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yeah but keeping in mind that class' delegate is a class I can't edit (the class or library is MGTwitterEngine, and the methods are [_engine getDirectMessagesSinceID:1 startingAtPage:1]; and [_engine getSentDirectMessagesSinceID:1 startingAtPage:1];) – pmerino Nov 3 '11 at 17:39
Is the delegate method guaranteed to be called before the getData call returns, or is it asynchronous? – Kevin Nov 3 '11 at 17:49
getData's data gets on the delegate method – pmerino Nov 3 '11 at 17:51

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