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I am trying to find a good way to filter data based off of the date column (Column I in my actualy spreadsheet). I can copy the rows and all of that to another sheet just fine, but the date thing is new to me. Basically I need to know how to filter based on three situations:

  1. If the current date is within 3-6 months of the date in Column I;
  2. If the current date is within 0-3 months of the date in Column I;
  3. If the current date is past the date in Column I.

Thank you for any assistance.

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Sounds like you want to use the DATEDIFF VBA function. Here is an example: http://www.techonthenet.com/excel/formulas/datediff.php.

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In addition to DateDiff you can use:


Functions to determine this information.

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