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Are there any conversion tools or workflows for porting from Visual J# code to C#?

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Have you tried Reflector + FileGenerator to dump the compiled .NET library to C#. The only problem that I can see is that you are going to have a slight amount of clean up for J# specific references and no comments. But it should provide a good clean solution and get you 90% of the way.

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Nick mentioned Reflector + FileGenerator. That will kind of work. I've tried it and it works partially; but you still have to sift through the code and fix compiler errors, as Reflector doesn't do a perfect job.

JLCA is dead, last I heard. And if your project is J# (e.g. part .NET) it will stumble on .NET things. For example, if you've got any Windows Forms stuff in your J# project, JLCA will puke on it.

Overall, my suggestion would be use Reflector + FileGenerator, fix the compiler errors, and never look back at J#. :-)

Another interesting alternative is Jeroen Frijters's IKVM, which can run real Java on top of .NET. This would work if your J# code is all Java stuff and no .NET stuff or MS-specific Java.

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It's not really a Mono project so I would put the IKVM webpage: ikvm.net –  Kevin Driedger Sep 16 '08 at 14:11

I just used JLCA for some old J# as well as some Eclipse developed projects. Seemed to work well. I just needed to clean up some GUI items after it completed.

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