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Given a Wikipedia page like Wikipedia: Stack Overflow there are often Infoboxes (mostly on the right hand at the top of the page). Example screenshot:

Stackoverflow Infobox at Wikipedia

  1. DBPedia lists all these attributes as RDF triples. You can see the example at DBPedia: Stack Overflow. There you see the property dbpprop:wikiPageUsesTemplate with the value dbpedia:Template:Infobox_website which is interesting. I want to know which Wikipedia pages use this template. How can i do that and list all pages which use the Infobox_website template? Preferably with a SPARQL query but i am open to other easy solutions.

  2. Next thing is a list of all Infobox Templates. Wikipedia: Category Infobox Templates shows the hierarchy of the desired Wikipedia categories - that looks like what i am seeking. But i want all of these in a machine readable format, on one page. Maybe DBPedia is the right thing here too? At DBPedia: Category Infox Templates and DBPedia: INFOBOX i find very few information. But these are looking very promising. How can i use SPARQL to find all Infobox Types so that i can do step 1 repeatedly for each of them?

You can use this for testing the SPARQL queries: http://dbpedia.org/snorql/

Update 1

I seem to have solved problem number 1: SPARQL: list all pages with Infobox_website

Update 2

Also, this seems to be the query for problem number 2: SPARQL: list all Infoboxes

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Ok, since i seem to have found a solution (most probably not the best) i want to share them.

1) This SPARQL query can be used to find all pages that include a specific Infobox type:

SELECT * WHERE { ?page dbpedia2:wikiPageUsesTemplate <http://dbpedia.org/resource/Template:Infobox_website> . ?page dbpedia2:name ?name . }

Link at SNORQL

2) This SPARQL query can be used to find all Infobox types:

SELECT DISTINCT ?template WHERE { ?page dbpedia2:wikiPageUsesTemplate ?template . FILTER (regex(?template, "Infobox")) . } ORDER BY ?template

Link at SNORQL

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You can also use the MediaWiki API's embeddedin query to return a list of all pages that include a given template. You'll want to use a library for accessing the API though, which language would you prefer? For Ruby, I'd suggest MediaWiki::Gateway.

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these look very limited. how to display all types of infoboxes at once? –  Alp Nov 4 '11 at 4:33

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