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Hi all i need to typecast a String value into a char . Please help me , i am not sure how to do this This is my code

At First i have a Enum class as shown

public enum RemoteType {

    private final String value;

    RemoteType(String v) {
        value = v;

    public String value() {
        return value;

    public static RemoteType fromValue(String v) {
        for (RemoteType c: RemoteType.values()) {
            if (c.value.equals(v)) {
                return c;
        throw new IllegalArgumentException(v);


This Enum ( RemoteType) is present inside a DTO (FOrmBean ) as shown

public class Subform implements Serializable
private RemoteType        remoteType;

  public RemoteType getRemoteType()
      return remoteType;

   public void setRemoteType(RemoteType remoteType)
      this.remoteType = remoteType;

I have another class called as MyObject as shown

class MyObject
public char side; 

For this MyObject side property which is a char i want to assign this remoteType property of FormBean by calling Getter Method on it.

Now I am setting data inside the DTO Form Object as shown

Subform subform = new Subform();


After setting the data (IN JSP ) that , Now i am tying to extract it (IN Controller) and assign String to char as shown .

MyObject object = new MyObject();
object.side = Subform.getRemoteType().value(); // How can we assin (Here i am getting errror

saying cant assign string to char)

please help me

( The code is of jar files , so we cant change the Data types )

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You can't cast an entire String to a char, but if your String only has a single character in it, then you can simply do:

char theChar = myString.charAt(0);

Otherwise, you'll have to decide on how you can convert that String into a char - maybe you'll just grab the first/last character in the String, or maybe you'll perform some algorithm that "sums up" the characters into a single character.
Either way, there's no general way for you to turn a String into a char as a String is just a collection of chars.

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Thank you very much . – Preethi Jain Nov 7 '11 at 14:02

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