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I'm using an RTOS device and when trying to connect over TCP to a server I am running into some unusual results.

When connecting to a server on my local network, the connection is fine and I can see the packets flowing on Wire shark.

However, when attempting to connect to a remote server, one outside of my domain, the connection fails with an error code of:

TCP_ERR_NOSUCH_SOCKET (-4) --- Indicates that you have attempted to allocate a socket that does not exist.

This occurs during connect() function:

bool CTCP::Connect( const char * ipaddr, unsigned short port ) {
    IPADDR ip = AsciiToIp( ipaddr ) ;
    this->m_fdnet = connect( ip, INADDR_ANY, port, TICKS_PER_SECOND * 3);
    if( this->m_fdnet < 0 ) {
        CLogging::Debuglogf("[TCP] Error: Connection failed, error=[%d]", getsocketerror( this->m_fdnet ) );
        return false;
    return true ;

I tried with two different remote servers, one with Google, and another one.

As a note: I am able to ping both, and both of the ports are open.

I was wondering why this is occurring.

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I am a colleage of @alexfontaine and we found that this problem is actually caused by the network setup of our office and has nothing to do with the connect code above.

See this question DHCP IP address have access to the internet but static IP address don't behind a router

Instead of deleting this question I am answering it with another question for the next person that might have this problem as well.

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