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I want to populate a spinner with some values from a List The list is populated with objects

    ArrayAdapter<PersonDetails> toStopAdapter = new ArrayAdapter<PersonDetails>(MoreTicketSalesActivity.this, R.layout.generic_spinneritem,
                      , personDetails);

My PersonDetails class looks like this

    private int id;
private int index;
private String name;

At the moment when i set the adapter the personDetails is full with data But on my spinner is displayed some strange text "com.project.person ..."

What i do wrong? Thanks

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You're using a simple display for each element of the spinner. What does 'generic_spinneritem' look like?

The simple answer is to make sure your PersonDetails class overrides toString and returns the name (or whatever you want). Right now its showing a class name.

For more complicated row display, you'll need to create a custom adapter and override getView.

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