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I'm trying to use a named route with {{id}} as one of the params, allowing the rendered content to be consumed by Handlebars. url_for is escaping the param so the resulting url contains %7B%7Bid%7D%7D. I've tried adding :escape => false to the call, but it has no effect.


resources :rants, :except => [:show] do
  post '/votes/:vote', :controller => 'votes', :action => 'create', :as => 'vote'


%script{:id => 'vote_template', :type => 'text/x-handlebars-template'}
    = link_to 'up', rant_vote_path(:rant_id => '{{id}}', :vote => 'up')
    %span {{votes}}
    = link_to 'down', rant_vote_path(:rant_id => '{{id}}', :vote => 'down')


var vote_template =  Handlebars.compile($('#vote_template').html());


<script id="vote_template" type="text/x-handlebars-template">
  <div class='votes'>
    <a href="/rants/%7B%7Bid%7D%7D/votes/up">up</a>
    <a href="/rants/%7B%7Bid%7D%7D/votes/down">down</a>

I've simplified the example for the sake of readability but question remains the same; is there any way to use a named route with {{ }} as a param? I understand I can just do link_to 'up', '/rants/{{id}}/votes/up' so please don't supply that as an answer.

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The trouble is the mustache characters are not valid in URLs and are being escaped. I'd recommend creating a wrapper.

def handlebar_path(helper, arguments={})
  send("#{helper}_path", arguments).gsub(/%7B%7B(.+)%7D%7D/) do

handlebar_path :rant_vote, :rant_id => '{{id}}', :vote => 'up'
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Yeah, I was trying to avoid creating a separate method. For the time being I compromised by allowing url_for() to handle an extra special param: :handlebars => true; gist – mnelson Nov 4 '11 at 1:47
I dig, I dig. Peace. – James Daniels Nov 10 '11 at 19:00
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I ended up just overriding url_for to handle a custom param:

module TemplateHelper

  def url_for(*args)
    options = args.extract_options!
    return super unless options.present?

    handle = options.delete(:handlebars)
    url = super(*(args.push(options)))
    handle ? url.gsub(/%7B%7B(.+)%7D%7D/){|m| "{{#{$1}}}"} : url


So now, calling named_url(:id => '{{id}}', :handlebars => true) works as you'd expect.

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Preferable to use the decorated method such as to cover the url_for as above answer. You offered mokey patch. – isqad Mar 10 at 9:23

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