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So I am publishing my second Facebook Application (using the C# SDK), and am having problems getting the Facebook credits integration to work properly. I got it set up and running for my first application, but I'm utterly stumped why it's not working on this application.

I am getting the Error Code 1383046 (AppInvalidDecodedResponse - The application return value was invalid after json_decoding the return value) upon calling the pay method. I have my callback url set up properly, and it's returning a json encoded array that looks like the following (tracking it in my database right before the Response.Write to return the response to FB:

{"method":"payments_get_items","order_id":"154258214672584","content":[{"item_id":0,"title":"BFF Locket","description":"This is a BFF Locket...","image_url":"","product_url":"","price":1,"data":null}]}

Which looks identical to my current working example from an existing app...

{"method":"payments_get_items","order_id":"131175273657036","content":[{"item_id":20,"title":"20 Commendations","description":"You are purchasing... ","image_url":"http://.../com_large.png","product_url":"","price":50,"data":null}]}

I handle both objects exactly the same way before and after the database entry to track it. Any thoughts on why the top one is throwing and error and the bottom one works fine? I have credits set up for both applications, and everything looks in order. I'm stumped. Perhaps a fresh perspective will shed some light on things.

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I just created a working copy of the code in my old app and am getting the Buy Item? light box as expected. I then copy-pasted both the front end and the callback directly over into my new app, and am getting the 1383046 error still! Are there other things that may be affecting the flow? – Pete Mooney Nov 6 '11 at 19:40
Oddly enough, I commented out the following code to make sure facebook was authenticated, and now it's working? CanvasAuthorizer auth = new CanvasAuthorizer { Permissions = new[] { "" } }; auth.Authorize(); – Pete Mooney Nov 6 '11 at 19:51

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