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I am trying to run the cakephp2.0 console on mediatemple.

I did an install of the latest version of cakephp2.0, uploaded it to my server and got everything hooked up and running.

Then i SSHed into my server ( on mediatemple ) and navigated to the Console folder in my app then did

/html/app/Console$ cake bake

and got a 'command not found' error.. ok so then i tried the command

/html/app/Console$ php cake bake

which ran, but gave me this...

LIB=$(cd -P -- "$(dirname -- "$0")" && pwd -P) && LIB=$LIB/$(basename -- "$0")

while [ -h "$LIB" ]; do
    DIR=$(dirname -- "$LIB")
    SYM=$(readlink "$LIB")
    LIB=$(cd "$DIR" && cd $(dirname -- "$SYM") && pwd)/$(basename -- "$SYM")

LIB=$(dirname -- "$LIB")/

exec php -q "$LIB"cake.php -working "$APP" "$@"


Did i do something wrong? or is there a bug in the console for cakephp2.0?

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You probably need to do:

./cake bake
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