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I want to allow users to create new records and edit existing records from the same form in ExtJS 4. I am working with ExtJS 4.0.7.

It's easy for me to load a record.

var form = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#myForm');

But if I want to start fresh, there is no way to unload it! At least, no proper way that I can find. I've already researched for hours, and even looked through some of the core Ext code for an answer. The best I could come up with to "unload" a record is:

form._record = null;

If I don't explicitly declare _record as null, Ext will always try to update the record stored there. form.reset(); does not clear the loaded record either.

Is there a "proper" way to clear the record tied to a form so that a new record can be saved?

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Ext.form.Panel is derived from Ext.form.Basic, where _record exists as a private variable. And if you take a look into the code of Ext.form.Basic you'll note that there is no clear method for _record. reset method just do reset of form fields. So you're doing right when setting form._record = null; Personally, I'd prefer to do delete form._record, but your approach should work either.

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The docs describe that the reset method's optional first parameter to true unbinds any record set by loadRecord. So in Ext 4 and 5 you can just do:


Internally it does:

delete me._record;
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I would try making a blank record and loading that to clear the form and record.

var blankRecord = Ext.create('YourModel');
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