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I am using Mercurial.

I have some uncommitted changes but I am on the wrong branch, how do I update to the right branch and take the changes with me?

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If the changes are uncommited like you said, you can use the Shelve extension:

  1. hg shelve --all
  2. hg up correct_branch_name
  3. hg unshelve
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I usually use

hg qnew
hg qpop
hg up -c <target-rev>
hg qpush
hg qfinish qtip

But I also use jrwren’s approach of going through an ancestor quite regularly.

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I asked on irc

mpm said

hg diff > mychanges; hg up -C somewhere; hg import --no-commit mychanges

which I had considered but is what I was trying to avoid.

d70 said

i think you can easily do it by "hg update"ing to a changeset that is a
parent of the branch you're trying to switch to, and then "hg update"ing to the
tip of that branch

so I did that.

hg up -r <shared root rev>
hg up branchIwant

I asked about "why" and was told "you are not allowed to update across branches" which didn't make sense to me at first. Then I realized that because I went through the shared root rev, it isn't across branches.

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Cool! Thank you a lot! It's the most simple way to commit my changes to another already existing branch:) –  Viacheslav Dobromyslov Sep 4 '13 at 2:15

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