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I am having a problem with adding events back to the calendar after they have been removed with the removeEvent method.

I have a JSON object containing all of the calendar events a user should see. A list is populated with checkboxes to give the user the ability to show and hide events by category via the following code.

var value = $(this).val();
$('#calendar').fullCalendar('removeEvents', function(event) {
return event.subscription == value;

I would like to show/render the events that the user chose to hide when they re-check the appropriate box without reloading the whole page and JSON source but keep other events that are unchecked, removed.

is there a way to do this by using the same data I used to remove the events?
ie. return event.subscription == value;

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Here is the implementation I used for my app. I made a custom EventManager object that keeps a Master array of ALL my events. Separately, I tell fullCalendar which subset of those events to load in the calendar (using the 'addEventSource' and 'removeEventSource' methods).

Hopefully this helps! :-)

EventManager = (function(){

    var rootEventSource = [];
    var filteredEventSource = [];   

    return {
        // Usage: EventManager.setSource([pass,event,array,here]);
        setRootSource : function(events){
            rootEventSource = events;   

        filterCalendar : function(filterFN){


            filteredEventSource = $.map(rootEventSource, function(event){

            $("#calendar").fullCalendar('addEventSource', filteredEventSource); 

//In your fullcalendar init code:
    //  init options
    //  go in here...
    , events: function( start, end, callback ) {
        //get events from your server, etc...
        events = some ajax function(start, end)...

        //store the full set of events in our Event Manager 
        //pass fullcalendar an empty array

//in your check/uncheck handler
value = $(this).val();
EventManager.filterCalendar(function(event) {
    return event.subscription == value;
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Thanks, that is an interesting alternative to the way I was going about it. I will give it a shot when I get some time – peledies Dec 5 '11 at 14:49
I used an edited version of this to accomplish what I needed, thanks for the guidance! One note, there's a problem in the code (hopefully a copy pasta check ;)) Make sure you do something with filterFN(event); if you want jquery's map function to have any effect. – Kevin Peno Jul 29 '13 at 16:21
glad this helped, almost 2 years later :p – Matt H. Jul 29 '13 at 22:09

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