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The standard SharePoint out-of-the box Issue Tracking list that comes with many site templates, or when one chooses to Create a New List comes with a choice field called 'Issue Status' and the following choices:

  • Active
  • Resolved
  • Closed

Categorically, my non- to semi-technical team members and contributors don't understand the difference between resolved and closed.

What would be a set of choices for this list? I am in a business intelligence shop where often a issue gets reported, we make some fix we think resolves it, but need a QA person to verify. Some of the time, the issue needs to be fixed in development, tested, then deployed and the deployment tested.

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Personally, for your case, I would start with:

  • Unassigned (aka NEW)
  • Active - Development
  • Active - Testing
  • Active - Deployed
  • Resolved
  • Closed without fix
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You could put a group next to each status to clarify things.

  • Active
  • Resolved by Developer
  • QA Signoff
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