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I have a jqgrid and use form editing on this grid. The issue I am having is that the columns that I have marked as editable are not the correct width. I haven't been able to find the appropriate option in the API, either in the colModel or in the form options. For example, I have a text field that should be ~35 characters wide, but it is only displaying as ~15. Let me know if a code example is needed.

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In which way you have tried? – Ariful Islam Nov 3 '11 at 21:56
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There may be several way to solve this. You will try with the following way :

  1. In colModel you can use editoptions: {size:50}
  2. If it doesn't work then you can use the following :

    editoptions: { dataInit: function(elem) { $(elem).width(50); // set the width which you need } }

or you can write the following css which helps you change all the elements at a time

table.EditTable > tbody > tr.FormData > td.DataTD > input[type="text"] {
    width: 115px !important;

table.EditTable > tbody > tr.FormData > td.DataTD > select, 
table.EditTable > tbody > tr.FormData > td.DataTD > input, 
table.EditTable > tbody > tr.FormData > td.DataTD > textarea {
    width: 115px !important;
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Try to use size property of editoptions. For example editoptions:{size:35}. Probably you will have to use additionally width property of editGridRow in the prmEdit parameter of the navGrid.

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The size did the trick. Couldn't accept both answers :) – Joseph Nov 4 '11 at 19:45
@Joseph: You are welcome! Not a problem with accepting. You made all correct. The most important is that the problem is solved. – Oleg Nov 4 '11 at 21:13

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