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I'm integrating facebook with my website, and I need "friends_likes", "friends_about_me", and "publish_stream" permissions. When I use the Javascript SDK (the FB.login function), it opens up a new window that has two steps that the user needs to click through:

1) Login (where it says my app needs likes)

2) Allow (where it asks to post to facebook as me)

I've noticed on several sites (like friend.ly, and some zynga games) that they can get all the permissions on one step ("allow") - how do I do this? I've also noticed that the display is a little different - on these flows the permissions are on the left, and there's an arrow that points to the app icon and a star rating on the right.


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can you post your code please ? If the user is already logged in the browser, the login step won't appear –  Julien Nov 3 '11 at 22:12
Found it! Turns out that facebook has a new authentication flow that requires a second step when asking for extended permissions. To revert to the old flow, you need to: 1) Go to the Developer App and click in on your app 2) Click "Edit Settings" 3) Click "Advanced" in the left hand menu under Settings 4) Choose "Disabled" in the Migrations section for "Enhanced Auth Dialog" –  remanc Nov 3 '11 at 22:43

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