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MySQL is not matching more than one word in REGEXP query. Will someone please assist? For example, given a table with a field 'name' and a value listed

NAME: "alpha bravo tango", "Juliet bravo", "delta tango", "charlie oscar"

The following query returns nothing

 select * from t1 where name regexp '(alpha|bravo|delta){2,}';

The following query works

select * from t1 where name regexp '(alpha|bravo|delta){1,}';
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I hope I understood correctly...

The regex '(alpha|bravo|delta){2,}' is looking for two or more consecutive occurrences of either of those words... so, alphaalpha, alphabravo, and bravodelta will match... but not alpha bravo. Are you looking for '((alpha|bravo|delta) ){2,}' or something like that?

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I would use ((alpha|bravo|delta) ?){2,} so that the final character doesn't have to be a space – DaveyBoy Nov 3 '11 at 23:10
I just realized something: the REGEXP function treats spaces as serious offenses. How do I make it ignore spaces? For example, when I pass in regexp '(alpha| bravo|delta){2,}', it works. (notice the space before bravo). How do I make it not mind spaces in a global sense? do I have to say regexp '( *alpha *| *bravo *| *delta *){2,}' or are there some more elegant options? – tribal Nov 3 '11 at 23:11

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