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I have an application that I'm working on that needs to sync a timer between multiple cores (using cluster).

Is there an efficient reliable way that I can communicate between cores? I've looked at Redis, but that seems to be more geared towards client/server communication. I'd be grateful for any advice.

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You need to take a look at creates a distributed node.js EventEmitter that works cross-process / cross-platform / cross-browser. Think of it like a real-time event bus that works anywhere JavaScript is supported.

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All good answers. I'm going to go with since it's very well documented. – Eric Clifford Nov 7 '11 at 18:08
Too bad died... Anyone found a replacement? – balupton Feb 15 '13 at 16:52

Look at message queue services such as ZeroMQ. They have advantage of supporting both local IPC and TCP transports, so you are ready for horizontal scalability beyond cores available on a single cloud node. zmq has a binding for node.

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RabbitMQ is also awesome. Also pub/sub with redis, or just – CamelCamelCamel Nov 5 '11 at 2:16
Using ZeroMQ is a very bad idea, performance suck. This is due to the JS wrapper. – kilianc Nov 6 '11 at 10:21

Take a look at You can use it to communicate between nodejs processes.

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