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I am using EJBs (on JBoss) and Wicket as the UI layer. I added security to my EJB, my security.conf looks like this:

<application-policy name="my-security-domain">
        <login-module code="" flag="required">
            <module-option name="usersProperties">META-INF/</module-option>
            <module-option name="rolesProperties">META-INF/</module-option>

In the UI layer, I use PicketBox to authenticate as instructed in the PicketBox Authentication page:

My Wicket AuthenticatedWebSession sub-class looks like this:

private Subject subject;
private SecurityContext securityContext;

public boolean authenticate(String username,
                            String password)
    boolean authenticated = false;
    securityContext = null;

        String                 securityDomainName = "my-security-domain";
        String                 configFile         = "META-INF/security.conf";
        PicketBoxConfiguration idtrustConfig      = new PicketBoxConfiguration();

        //Note: This is the most important line where you establish a security context
        securityContext = SecurityFactory.establishSecurityContext(securityDomainName);
        AuthenticationManager am = securityContext.getAuthenticationManager();
        subject = new Subject();

        Principal principal  = new SimplePrincipal(username);
        Object    credential = new String(password);
        authenticated = am.isValid(principal, credential, subject);

        securityContext.getUtil().createSubjectInfo(principal, credential, subject);
        //You may make call outs to other components here*/

        for(Principal p : subject.getPrincipals())
            LOGGER.debug("Principal: " + p.getName());
            if(p instanceof Group)
                Group                            g       = (Group) p;
                Enumeration<? extends Principal> members = g.members();
                    Principal member = members.nextElement();
                    LOGGER.debug("Group name: " + member.getName());
    catch(Exception e)

    return authenticated;

So far so good, I can authenticated with the server from the UI. However, any subsequent calls to the secure EJBs from else where in the UI layer will fail with "Invalid User" although I have already authenticated.

I have tested the authentication in a standalone client and it works fine, I can invoke a secure EJB afterwards.

I have also tried the authentication outlined by this post, and the UI still cannot invoke secure EJBs:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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A colleague of mnie suggested me to look at the security configuration at the web tier. I solved it with the following configuration:




        <web-resource-name>My Resource</web-resource-name>

Thank you all.


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