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enter image description here

Hi friends, a taste of unlimited categorization of recursive logic as shown in the picture there. The existence of, as well as bring problems, certainly:) Did you bomb bomb ... a question

Let X be the horizontal rows of

X-0 (World)
X-1 (Europe, Asia)
X-2 (United Kingdom, Turkey, Russia)
X-3 (Istanbul)
X-4 (Taksim)

For x = 0 to 4

Here's where I wanted to do X-0 the sequence number of the world that the world records get x +2 ... ie => X-2 (United Kingdom, Turkey, Russia) Go the same way, X is 1, respectively, in the X-1 (Europe, Asia) to reach the X +2, normally not a problem yet to determine the basis derived from the arm, ie, only x +2 in Europe to capture Istanbul ...

I thought the matrix, but can not get into the job

X-0 / Y-1 = World
X-1 / H-1 = European
X-1 / H-2 = Asian
X-2 / Y-1 = United Kingdom

Like ...

I hope that was not complicated and it is not impossible ...

i m bad english :( sorry

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What are you asking? – Reed Copsey Nov 4 '11 at 1:10
Is this homework? Also I suggest posting what code you already have and what you expect the output/results to be. – ja72 Nov 4 '11 at 5:53

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