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I've been hearing a lot about Apache Hadoop as an awesome way to do processing intensive taks. Looking for a really basic introduction to Hadoop. Like the helloworld equivalent, and then maybe an example use case.

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WordCount example code is so simple that anyone new can understand it.It is there


Just compile it with adding all of the haddop Api ex: hadoop-core.jar Create a .jar file by netbin and be amazed when it runs with hadoop in cmd.

If you want another one,I have made a sudo indexer ...like

Cow 2.txt 3.txt 4.txt
Cat 1.txt


Just ask me,I will give you the code which is so simple.But I recommend you should run this example first.

Now i thought you have completed the previous task , so here is the link to use >> http://matrixsust.blogspot.com/2011/11/hadoop-simple-indexer-in-map-reduce.html

Hope it helps.

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That link has 404'd, and since it seems to be one of the top results it would be good to put an updated link I think. –  Acapulco Apr 24 at 18:25

Before jumping into Hadoop, knowledge of MapReduce is required (Hadoop is based on MapReduce). Here are some nice videos on MapReduce. Also check Google's Paper on MapReduce.

Also, if you are really interested in Hadoop, the Hadoop : The Definitive Guide is a must to have book.

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