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I'm trying to convert an image into base64 using javascript, however if I request the URL with jquery, and encode with javascript, the results are different than what I receive from here (http://www.scalora.org/projects/uriencoder/) when saving and uploading the image..

Is there any reason for this?

I'm just using $.get and base64 encoding function data()

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What happens if you drop the image into Hashify. Does the Base64 string in the resulting data URI match either of the strings you generated? –  davidchambers Nov 4 '11 at 4:31

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Another SO Question covers this exact topic and has a solution that works for IE and Firefox. The short answer is that XHR really isn't designed for binary data and the data gets corrupted or truncated when converted to a string for XHR.responseText.

It would be best to Base 64 encode on the server side.

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