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I want to send a HTTP request to and get the response.

And I want to send a response to the HTTP Get request I receive to page.

Can someone show me the correct way of doing this in C#?


Please show me the correct direction rather than downvoting. If this is a very basic or silly question. Post something helpful and downvote.

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@user1026857 You say you tried various things. It would worthwhile to mention what you tried. That helps people to show you the correct way – Suhas Nov 4 '11 at 5:26
If you show us what you tried, we can accurately gauge where you are getting stuck and tailor an answer that will not only help you solve your problem, but also teach you something in the process. Not posting what you have tried basically short circuits one of the ultimate rewards of using Stack Overflow, which is walking away knowing a little bit more than you did. – Tim Post Nov 4 '11 at 5:44
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The HttpClient api is much easier to use. If you don't have NuGet package manager installed, get it, and install it. Once you've restarted visual studio, click on manage NuGet packages and search online for HttpClient.

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