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I extensively use /usr/bin/emacs in Terminal.

I have Emacs 22 and I'd like to upgrade it to 23. I wonder how to do it.
Googling "emacs download mac" gives me which has its own window and user interface, but I don't want that.

I am not sure how I have /usr/bin/emacs in the first place, maybe it came with Mac OS?

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You can run the version in a terminal like this:

/Applications/ -nw

In my .cshrc file, I use an alias to make this easier to invoke:

alias enw '/Applications/ -nw'
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On my Macbook, I had to do nano ~/.bash_profile and then add alias enw='/Applications/ -nw'. The = is missing in the example above. –  snd Mar 21 at 16:11

It is a standard editor included with OS X and a lot of other *nix systems along with vi/vim, and pico. Personally i wouldnt upgrade the pre-installed one. I would install from Macports, Fink, or Homebrew or compile from source myself to a different location (like /usr/local).

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Install emacs from macports.

% sudo port install emacs

Then launch it from the terminal

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Or you can install, follow the instructions here to create a ~/bin/emacs script and then launch as emacs -nw or any other options.

exec /Applications/ "$@"
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