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I have problems with php multilanguage. I'm using function *check_lang* and it works fine in one page, but once I go to another page the $_SESSION['lang'] variable $lang turns back into default (en). What is the problem?


    function check_lang() { 
        $lang = $_GET['lang'];
        $_SESSION['lang'] = $lang

    if (!isset($_SESSION['lang'])) { 
        $lang = 'en'; 

    } else { 

    //directory name 
    $dir = 'languages'; 
    return "$dir/$lang.lng"; 

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Are you calling session_start() before check_lang()? –  nickb Nov 4 '11 at 5:16

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You have to:


At the top of each of your scripts in which you want to use session variables.

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Thank you. That was obvious! –  Lina Nov 4 '11 at 5:30

You need to call session_start() on each page you're planning on using the $_SESSION[] global in. That's what tells PHP that it should look up the session_id from the user's cookies or the query string so that PHP knows which session's values to use.


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