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From reading the devise code and wiki it seems, there is no option to redirect user to registration page if a user is not logged in. In lib/devise/failure_app.rb, it appear that the redirect url is hardcoded.

  def redirect_url
    opts  = {}
    route = :"new_#{scope}_session_path"
    opts[:format] = request_format unless skip_format?

    if respond_to?(route)
      send(route, opts)

I want to ask that's the best practice in getting the work done. I'm thinking of manually setting user_return_to session value, then make a call to registration page. Is that a good practice?

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I think the best practice in this situation is following this devise wiki page:

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I dont understand that wiki page can you explain a little bit, I'm new to rails, I want to show login page if user is not logged in –  pahnin Sep 10 '12 at 22:35

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