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[Edit] Sorry I mean no offence to women, this question troubled me several times. I just like to know a conventional or universal way (in both database and... other programming languages). Thank you.

Is there a conventional way to show gender using boolean?

Are they the same in all languages? JAVA, C, Objc, databases?

I guess we should use true (1) for male and false (0) for female?

Thank you.

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Dont u think females will mind, coz u r assigning them false value ? :) @ThinkChris –  Zohaib Nov 4 '11 at 6:39
Really? Does this matter at all? –  Ankit Soni Nov 4 '11 at 6:41
Well, use a dedicated enum? –  delnan Nov 4 '11 at 6:43
Maybe the variable name is hasOnlyEnoughBloodForPenisOrBrainButNotBothAtSameTime - in which case most ladies wouldn't mind the value of false. –  paxdiablo Nov 4 '11 at 6:43
Um, gender is more complicated than two values. –  mu is too short Nov 4 '11 at 6:51

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true (1) for male and false (0) for female
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You must be a man. Or a fundamentalist :-) –  paxdiablo Nov 4 '11 at 6:39
In many of the apps i have been part of building we have used the same conventions!!! Thats part of a login.. not a standardised format!!! –  Mithun Sasidharan Nov 4 '11 at 6:40
Can you cite any references for this 'convention', or did you just invent it? –  Konerak Nov 4 '11 at 8:39

If you want to use a boolean it might be a good idea to call your variable either isMale or isFemale rather than just gender to make it clear what the value true means.

However in many countries it is not legal to require people to disclose their gender if they don't wish to, so you may have to use an enum with three values:

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An ENUM is foolproof anyway, in case you ever want to go diaspora. –  Konerak Nov 4 '11 at 8:28

What's wrong with a single character, containing one from the set {'m','f','n'} for male, female and not applicable?

I'm sure you're not that hard up for space that you need to pack all your genders into bitmaps.

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