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I'm working in visual studio 2010 and I have code written in C.

If i run in 'Debug' mode, the code will run without any error or warning.

But if I run the same in 'Release' mode, errors and warning will appear.

Error List:

        warning C4013:'fprintf' undefined; assuming extern returning int
        error C2065: 'stdout': undeclared identifier

What is the reason? please help

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Are you doing #include <stdio.h> in the source? –  Joachim Pileborg Nov 4 '11 at 7:06

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warning C4013:'fprintf' undefined; assuming extern returning int

It looks like you didn't include stdio.h.

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I had the same problem in reverse: In Release mode everything was fine, but in Debug mode some functions like 'ext' (FFTW library) were reported as "undefined; assuming extern returning int".

I looked at the project properties for both configurations (Debug/Release) and found out that under Configuration Properties > General the option "Whole Program Optimization" was set to No Whole Program Optimization for the build that was giving me problems.

The build that worked had chosen Use Link Time Code Generation. When I set that option in Debug as well, everything worked fine.

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