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I am using windows git bash, when i run the command git push beanstalk master

I got the following error,

Connected to host `XXXXXX.beanstalkapp.com port 22:` bad file number 

fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly.
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You are either behind a proxy that is not able to forward the key or a firewall is not allowing outgoing port 22 ( the port used by SSH by default ) access. Try fixing that or use alternate protocol like https for pushing.

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It can mean some kind of network issue with ssh (at work, for instance, any outgoing ssh request through port 22 is strictly forbidden).
But I don't think beanstalkapp supports smart http like GitHub does, so that means no https for you either.
You might try some "workaround", like using port 443 (SSL) for your SSH requests, but make sure you aren't circumventing any enterprise security policy.

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