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Let's say I have the following contract

public interface ISomethingService<T>
    [OperationContract(IsOneWay = true)]
    void DoSomething(string messageType, T message);

And I want to use Autofac to create a client. So instead of

var address = new EndpointAddress(SOME_ADDRESS);
ChannelFactory<ISomethingService<T>> factory = null;
factory = new ChannelFactory<ISomethingService<T>>(new NetTcpBinding());

IPublisherService<T> proxy = factory.CreateChannel(address);
proxy.DoSomething(typeof(T).FullName, message);

I could use Autofac. I read the wiki at google code wiki page and I also read this StackOverflow question. It seems what I need to do is something that lies between both solutions, or I haven't read enough about Autofac.

What I came at is, for each type of message I register this in Autofac:

builder.Register(c => new ChannelFactory<ISomethingService<SomeMessageType>>(new NetTcpBinding(), new EndpointAddress("address")));

        builder.Register(c => c.Resolve<ChannelFactory<ISomethingService<SomeMessageType>>>().CreateChannel()).UseWcfSafeRelease();

It seems I need an open generics mechanism here, or I could scan the assembly for classes that implement a specific interface and for each one to do the above registration.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not satisfied with the code above that I wrote. Do you have any suggestion, or hint? Thanks!

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Also, I'm reading about tagged lifetimes. Wouldn't it be cool, instead of serviceHost.AddDependencyInjectionBehavior<IContract>(scope) to do something like serviceHost.AddDependencyInjectionBehavior<IContract>("taggedLifetime")? –  DaeMoohn Nov 4 '11 at 16:20
About the above comment, I would try registering some servicehosts inside a module and use that component wherever I need. By tying inside the module the servicehost to the scope of the container, I would be force to build the ContainerBuilder and that would be it (I don't know how to modify a built container). I would instead register the servicehosts inside the module without doing AddDependencyInjectionBehavior. Would this be ok instead? –  DaeMoohn Nov 4 '11 at 17:16

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