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I have a <div name="myDiv">0</div>

I try to write a test that myDiv has 0 text in it. With WebDriver it is:

String text =  webDriver.findElement(By.xpath("//div[@name='myDiv']")).getText()

but in tesult I have empty string. Should I use not getText() for getting a content of div?

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I found an answer, I just need use real browser for my webDriver

webDriver = new FirefoxDriver();

then it works.

Maybe it is JavaScript issue.

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Sounds like you are using HTMLUnitDriver, in that case you would need to enable the Java script like below,

HtmlUnitDriver driver = new HtmlUnitDriver();

Check out the documentation here

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yes you are right, but it does not work, I use Qquery fadeIn() for tahte element - but event with setJavascriptEnabled(true) and with setting a wait(xxxx) it does not work.. so I prefer use Real browser instead. –  ses Nov 7 '11 at 8:20

in Selenium 2, I used this, and it works for me fine.

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I had the same problem; a little digging brought me to this:


HTMLUnitDriver (and apparently FirefoxDriver) will return empty strings when you try to call WebElement#getText() on elements whose CSS property 'display' is set to 'none'.

Here is my solution:

public void assertContainsText(final By by, final String value) { 
        Boolean result = new WebDriverWait(getWebDriver(),Browser.DEFAULT_WAIT_TIMEOUT_SECONDS).until(new ExpectedCondition<Boolean>() {
            public Boolean apply(WebDriver arg0) {
                WebElement elem = arg0.findElement(by);
                String text = "";
                if (elem.isDisplayed()) {
                    text = elem.getText();
                } else {
                  //have to use JavaScript because HtmlUnit will return empty string for a hidden element's text
                    text = (String) executeScript("return arguments[0].innerHTML", elem);
                    text = text.replace("<BR></BR>", "\n"); //scary
                return text.contains(value);
        Assert.assertTrue(by.toString() + " contains value ["+value+"]", result);

Yes, it's ugly as sin. And note the text.replace("<BR></BR>") - this is because HTML tags aren't escaped when you pull out the raw data. The WebDriver will nicely 'unescape' this if you call #getText() on the element.

I've now put in a request to our IT guys to install X-Windows on our CI servers so we can run the FirefoxDriver. We've had nothing but trouble from the HTMLUnitDriver, and it's incredibly slow to boot.

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You can also verify the text in Div by : $browser.is_element_present("//div[@name='myDiv']/.[text()='0']")

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Try this

WebDriver driver = new YourBrowserdirver(); //FirefoxDriver or ChromeDriver etc..
String Text = driver.findElement(By.id("myDiv")).getText();
System.out.println("The text present in myDiv = "+Text);
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