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I am a .NET developer, I am interested in writing about Silverlight, .NET and other stuff...

Which free blog provider would you recommend me?

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Why would it matter which tech powers the internals of the blog ? As long as it works and operates satisfactorily who cares ! – mP. Apr 29 '09 at 2:42

dasBlog because developer inevitably will get involved with the internals of the blog engine. And because Computer Zen runs on it.

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Umbraco + Umbraco Blog Package

Top notch CMS and a really easy to install and use blog package for it

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I agree with mP's comment that it doesn't really matter which tech powers the internals of the blog, but having said that I'm guessing you want a blog that is running off of .NET.

Check this answer I posted for a similar question, It is the service integrated into your own ASP.NET web site.



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